SHELF Food and Beverage Packaging Design Company
Food and Beverage Packaging Co.


Subscription Based Creative Services for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Companies.



We are Your Personal Creative Department

We have created SHELFx to eliminate the common frustrations of working with the large "blackhole" agency or the unresponsive freelancer. Get the X membership and let's work together to unlock your marketing potential.


Get Things Done, On-time.

Quick turnaround times are just a part of competing in today's marketplace. Having your project linger for weeks in a traditional agency is not helping you gain marketshare or increase revenues. Missing deadlines is not an option at SHELF. We have a zero tolerance policy on deadlines.


Take the Mystery Out of Pricing.

By creating subscription packages that have a set number of monthly design "marks" you have a fixed monthly budget. There is no need to worry about quotes, contracts or unexpected costs. All you have to worry about is how big your bonus is going to be.


Open Door Communication.

Just like any good relationship communication is key. We work really hard to ask the right questions upfront and set expectations prior to starting your project. When both parties understand the objectives, milestones and timelines - projects are finished with less frustration, higher quality and achieve better results.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SHELFx membership?
A membership provides full access to your creative team and monthly design credits that we call "marks" which are exchanged for design projects.

Can I just pay by the project?
SHELFx was created for companies that have regular design needs. You can try us out for a project first, but after your trial project you will need to set up a membership pilot with us.

What are design "marks"?
Each month your account is topped up with "marks", otherwise known as credits. You can exchange these marks for design projects. If you don't use all your marks, don't worry, the credits carry forward one-month. 

How many marks does each project cost?
Costs are calculated when you start your project based on factors including size, project type and speed. On average, our clients on our bootstrap package (30 marks) get 4 projects per month. Our expansion package clients (50 marks) get 8-10 projects per month. Our domination package clients (100 marks) get 18-20 projects per month.

How does SHELFx compare to hiring in house?
Outside design teams tend to outperform creatively and are more likely to find unique solutions to your problems because they are not bound by internal group think, internal politics and being too close to the day-to-day. Fresh, outside perspectives are one of the most beneficial reasons to partner with SHELF. Financially, SHELFx is a much more economical way to achieve your goals; no need to hire staff, manage employees and purchase the technology and software required to start a creative department.

How does SHELFx compare to working with an agency?
We all understand the challenges of working with traditional agencies. We pride ourself on creating a company that strives to remove those areas of frustration created by the traditional agency model. You'll typically find projects with SHELFx are 50% to 25% the cost of equivalent agency projects for the same quality. To achieve these savings for our clients we have to have be efficient with our time and that starts with communication.

How does SHELFx compare to hiring a freelancer?
You get a team of designers who we match to your project type. We manage the team and billing. Working with SHELFx makes design effortless so you can focus your time on achieving your goals.

How do I get started?
Contact us and we'll talk through your needs and help you get started on a pilot.