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3 Mega Trends in Food and Beverage Packaging


Earlier this month we collaborated with packaging digest on an article that highlights 3 mega trends that we have observed in the food and beverage market. We identified 1: Mobility. 2: Simplicity. 3: E-commerce as the 3 mega trends.

1: Mobility It's not just a technology thing. Our culture is no longer built around the mom at home with continuous access to the pantry and fridge. Brands need to live beyond the pantry. One well publicized example of this mobility is Chobani’s new drinkable smooth yogurt beverage. You can grab it at a convenience store and have your yogurt on the go without a spoon. Consumers desire products that can travel with them. Packaging that is purchased in smaller containers. Flexible packaging that can be thrown in a bag or purse and easily consumed without kitchen utensils. Think about the lifestyle of 25-55 year olds. They are commuting, traveling, attending their kids activities, or hitting their Soul Cycle class. How can you extend your product to be more mobile?

2: Simplicity In order to connect with today’s consumer you have to be able to tell your story simply and immediately. In the old days, we used to talk about having an elevator pitch to tell someone why they should buy your product. An elevator pitch was considered short 15 years ago. Today, it’s more like the time from when you push the elevator button until the doors close. You have about 3-5 seconds max to convince a consumer to buy your product in the supermarket. Simple always wins. Quit trying so hard. Be authentic and direct.

3: E-commerce The third macro trend we are seeing at SHELF is the brand experience transitioning to the consumer that purchases online. The packaging’s role in this scenario is still to connect but could provide a deeper experience. The graphics and text no longer have to be concerned with getting the sell. The content can evolve to more meaningful stories about the product and company. An analogy might be something like this: Shopping in a supermarket is like speed dating – it’s quick and shallow with lots of choices but once you find someone to ask out for dinner you can have deeper more meaningful conversations and really strengthen that bond/relationship. Getting the product at home is more like going straight to the one-on-one relationship. Look for ways to tell your story in a more meaningful and richer way.

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