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SHELF Packaging Co. - Officially Launched

Over the past 10 years, More Branding+Communication has worked with food and beverage related companies across the globe. During that time, consumer goods packaging wasn't a core focus of our business, however, as we continued to obtain MONSTER SIZED results for our food and beverage clients we could see that we had something special. Something that other creative agencies weren't able to replicate. In 2016, we decided to spinout our food and beverage related work into a standalone company called SHELF.

Some of our highlights over the past 10 years:

  • Our clients have products on every continent except Antartica (who's going to be first?)
  • One of our clients had the fastest test market sellout in Costco history
  • Our clients have multiple products that increased sales 10X in the first year after contracting with us. That is not a 10% increase, that is 1000% increase in sales.
  • We have relationships with buyers and brokers at the largest retailers in the world
  • Our clients have products in Sam's Club and Costco club stores year round
  • Our clients have secured some of the most lucrative private label contracts in the world
  • We have helped one client go from a single test market to being in 23 countries

We are looking forward to working with you and your brands. SHELF is committed to helping you convert buyers into believers and believers into ambassadors. To win in the marketplace you have to do more than compete, you have to connect.

If you are looking for design services and/or photography services give us a shout. Please note, if you have already secured design services but need photography we are happy to work alongside your in-house team, agency-of-record or freelance designer to capture the imagery that best tells your brand story.