SHELF Food and Beverage Packaging Design Company
Food and Beverage Packaging Co.

Packaging Design Agency for Private Label, Club Stores and C-stores.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

SHELF helped us create a brand and packaged it in a unique way that instantly resonated with customers. Our first product was the fastest test market sell out in Costco history.
— Steven Himpe, Founder, Delici
SHELF has been instrumental in designing creative and inspiring packaging for new products. Since we began collaborating we have launched 5 new items with major international retailers. We have been impressed with their level of service and attention to detail.
— Jeff Sharpe, Business Development Manager, BMR Management
Thanks to SHELF our lead times are shorter and our customers’ have higher levels of trust in our process. We have successfully launched several private label brands in South America. They have become really integral to our product pipeline.
— Fabian Jaramillo,
 NATRA, Key Account Manager Latin America & the Caribbean Mexico, Central & South America